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Rörstrand AMANDA cup and saucer

Rörstrand AMANDA cup and saucer

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The pale blue cup with its delicate, swirling plant-like pattern and the contrast between the dark brown saucer evokes the image of forests and lakes, making this a beautiful piece to wear as interior décor.


Brand: Rörstrand


《Design》Christina Cambell

Size: Cup φ8×H6cm Saucer φ13.5cm

Condition: There is a chip on the handle (inside) of the cup where the glaze has been applied over the chip, and a protrusion above the handle. There is some discoloration near the mouth. There is a light brown stain on the inside of the cup.

The saucer has some scratches from use and some chipped glaze on the bottom edge.

Both the cup and saucer have traces of supports.


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