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Marimekko Fabric "kompotti"

Marimekko Fabric "kompotti"

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The popular classic item, Compotti, features a cute design of fruits and vegetables arranged in a regular pattern. The series comes in a wide variety of colors, but this one in particular has a vivid color that makes it a great accent piece for your interior or as a key item for your bag or pouch.




《Design》AinoMaija Metsola

Size: Effective pattern width W140cm


Please read before purchasing fabric.

-Due to the manufacturing process of the fabric, small areas of color loss may occur in the printed parts, but please note that this is not a defect.

- Depending on the product characteristics and shipping conditions, the fabric may have creases or wrinkles. We recommend that you take the product out of the box and iron it as soon as possible after receiving it.

-The actual color may differ depending on your viewing environment and the device you are using.

・Dye may remain on the surface of the fabric, so the color may run. Wash separately from other laundry at 40°C for the first few times. Cotton and linen usually shrink after the first wash, so if you plan to sew, we recommend washing before sewing.

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